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Domain names? Web hosting? ISP? Feeling a bit overwhelmed, like
you're swimming in unknown waters? Don't worry! The Web Mermaid
is here to assist you in anyway possible. We work one on one with our
clients to provide you with what you want and what you're looking for!

Design Services are typically pricey, but...they don't have to be!
Some companies charge per page, or per item. For example, you are
charged per number of pictures, links, etc.
Additionally, there are companies who use "Template's" or
offer "Package's" at various price ranges.

The Web Mermaid has two service rates - period:

Basic Services and
Design Services.

Basic Services include: consultation, data entry, HTML coding, uploading files, research, etc.
Design Services include: page design, layout, programming, image maps, graphics, etc.

No set up fees, no hidden charges, no murky waters, or rough seas!

Click here for
Samples of The Web Mermaid's partial client list.

We think you'll agree that The Web Mermaid's fees are
better than competitive...they're extremely reasonable! When you're ready
to jump in, let us know and we'll be happy to guide you into smooth waters!

Thank you for choosing The Web Mermaid!

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